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Bed and Breakfast
Selma & Masoud

Have you ever been the company of national champion couples?

About Us

Tehran B&B; Excellent accomadation in an amiable atmosphere at a decent price Recently established and offering superior qualities, Tehran B&B is truly one of the most excellent b&bs in Iran. By the competent management of "Selma" and "Masoud", and mutual assistance of a tight-knit group of employees, Tehran B&B offers tourists and travellers a memorable accomadation during their stay in Tehran.
Additionally, Tehran B&B is not only an unprecedented opportunity for the visitors from every corner of the world in order to get familiar with the unique culture and tradition of Iran, it puts you into the proper condition of residence through preparing cozy and elegant rooms, and also guaranteeing the privacy of your lodging.
So, we will be perfectly honored to make your lodging reservation in a hospitable and favorable environment during your stay in Tehran B&B.
It, certainly, would be one of the most interesting places you have ever been to.

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